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The first 747-100s were built with six upper-deck windows (three per side) to accommodate upstairs lounge areas. Later, as airlines began to use the upper-deck for premium passenger seating instead of lounge space, Boeing offered a 10-window upper deck as an option. Some -100s were retrofitted with the new configuration. United States of America A 747-100-as a világ első Jumbo Jet-je volt, amely 1970-ben állt szolgálatba.Eleinte a légitársaságok csak Pratt & Whitney hajtóművekkel vásárolhatták meg, de 1975-től már General Electric és Rolls-Royce gázturbinákkal is megrendelhették. A Boeing összesen 250 747-100-ast készített el, az utolsót 1986-ban. 3 fajtája volt : az alap 747-100-as, a megnövelt utasterű. 747-100 Performance. The 747-100 flew at a maximum speed of 602 miles per hour, and had a service ceiling of just over 45,000 feet. It had a range of slightly over 6,000 miles, roughly the same range as a 707, but carrying twice the passengers. The Boeing 747-100 uses about 1 gallon of jet fuel per minute of flight

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  1. The Boeing 747 is a large, long-range wide-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the United States. After introducing the 707 in October 1958, Pan Am wanted a jet 2 + 1 ⁄ 2 times its size, to reduce its seat cost by 30% to democratize air travel. In 1965, Joe Sutter left the 737 development program to design the 747, the first twin aisle airliner
  2. The Boeing 747-100 was the world's first widebody airliner and the first commercial aircraft with high bypass turbofan engines. The engine options are: For the 747-100 Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3/-3A or JT9D-7/-7A/-7F/-7J, for the 747-100B Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7A/-7F or Rolls Royce RB2ll-524, for the 747-100SR General Electric CF6-45A/45-A2 or CF6-50E2 or Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7/-7A
  3. The basic 747-100 entered service with Pan American in January 1970. Progressive development of the 747 led to the 747-200B with higher weights, more powerful engines and longer range. The -200B first flew in October 1970 entering service with KLM, while nine higher weight 747-100Bs were built
  4. 747-100SR. Responding to requests from Japanese airlines, Boeing developed the 747-100SR as a short range variant of the 747-100. The SR has a lower fuel capacity but can carry more passengers, up to 498 in early versions and more than 550 in later models, because of increased economy class seating. The 747SR has a modified body structure to.
  5. Die Boeing 747-100 ist ein vierstrahliges Langstrecken Großraumverkehrsflugzeug für maximal 480 Passagiere mit einem zweiten Passagierdeck des amerikanischen Herstellers Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Die 747-100 war der erste sogenannte Jumbo Jet
  6. The Boeing 747-100, commonly known as Jumbo Jet was the biggest commercial airliner until the introduction of the Airbus A380. This mod represents the very first production model of the 747 (hence the -100 designation). Due to the age of the -100 version this includes airline liveries from the 60's and 70's to fit with the model
  7. N735SJ. 19643. 11. Boeing 747-121. N736PA. Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) 20 Jan 1970. Written Off. Clipper Victor

Just the world's best airplane cockpit videos! Aviation through the eyes of female & male pilots! Rare plane views & airline films, cool aviators piloting bi.. MSFS2020 - Freeware Boeing 747-100 & 200 Aircraft [Working Cockpit] V.1.0 Features; +custom 747-200 sounds +747-8i working cockpit +ground s..

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Boeing 747-400/-400ER Freighters Cargo Configuration Cargo volume increase relative to 747-200/-300: Three pallets in nose section versus twoŠ534-ft 3 (15.2-m 3 ) increas Boeing 777-200ERs: 23,085; Embraer 170s: 12,429; Airbus A300s 12,389; B747s: 14,897; The 747 had about one in ten passenger fights that year, with the B747-300 and -400 used alongside the older -100. Perhaps surprisingly, the 741 was the second-most-used 747 type, with only the -300 having more flights in that year The Boeing 747-100 was a resounding success, selling well over 200 copies. This helped to give the 747-100 one of the largest and most intriguing legacies of any airliner to date, and something you can still see today! Boeing . The 747-100 was immensely successful, selling 205 times in total Boeing 747 é uma aeronave a jato usada no âmbito civil e militar para transporte de passageiros e de carga, referida com frequência como Jumbo Jet ou Queen of the Skies (Rainha dos Céus). A sua corcunda na parte superior frontal da fuselagem faz com que seja uma das aeronaves mais reconhecíveis do mundo, [3] sendo também a primeira do género produzida em massa

Aviation photos of Boeing 747-100 aircraft shared by photographers from around the worl Certains 747-100 ont connu une seconde vie après une modification en Spécial Freighter, version jamais déclinée par Boeing. Toute la cabine est aménagée pour le transport de fret et une porte latérale cargo est installée côté gauche, entre les portes passagers 4 et 5 A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I. Photo: Lufthansa Passengers. Let's start by looking at the passenger capacity of the 747-100 vs. the 747-8I. The 747-100 could seat 366 passengers in the typical three-class configuration (although it initially didn't have business class).But 747-100 aircraft would be retrofitted with the cabin concept, giving it 32 passengers in first, 74 in business class, and.

ipernity: British Airways Boeing 747-100 - by Dean MorleyTWA 747-100, 727-200 & L-1011 Landing at LAX - YouTube

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The 747-100 can fly for 5,300 nautical miles (6,100 mi, 9,800 km), and the 747-8i can fly for 8,000 nmi (9,200 mi, 14,815 km). The 747 has special flaps, which allow the 747 to fly slowly and land on normal runways. A 747 can carry a fifth engine on the wing, but it cannot be used. Types of Boeing 747 Die Boeing 747-100 war das erste Modell der 747-Familie und bekam schon bald nach ihrem Erscheinen den Spitznamen Jumbo. Von der 747-100 wurden in allen Untervarianten insgesamt 205 Maschinen gebaut. Die letzte gebaute 747-100 war eine -100B SR mit verlängertem Oberdeck, die Japan Air Lines im September 1986 erhalten hat. Alle 747-100 sowie. Boeing 747-100; Type: Airliner: Configuration: Wide-body aircraft, Double-deck aircraft, Low wing aircraft: Propulsion: Quadjet (Jet aircraft, Four-engine aircraft) Manufacturer: Boeing: Author(s) Jim Wilson (3D) Andy Ross (FDM) FDM: JSBSim--aircraft= 747 747-100: Status: Under development: Development Website Repository: Download: License: GPLv2

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  1. Boeing 747-100 bol prvýkrát predstavený v roku 1968.Prototyp s názvom City of Everett absolvoval prvý let 9. februára 1969 a v roku 1970 absolvoval prvý komerčný let vo farbách spoločnosti Pan American World Airways.Vojenská verzia tohto lietadla sa nazýva C-19. Nákladná verzia sa nazýva Boeing 747-100F (Freighter)
  2. al5 with jetway attached. Tail-fin of an Alitalia Airbus A321-100, wing and CFM56-3 jet-engine of a Boeing 737-300 taxiing and a Boeing 747 climbing out after take-off behind
  3. Boeing 747 paransi pitkien lentojen matkustusmukavuutta. Lennoilla näytettiin elokuvia ja koneen yläkannella oli tyypillisesti lounge-alue ja baari. Kone oli kerännyt noin 200 tilausta ennen ensimmäisen lentokoneen valmistumista syyskuussa 1968. FAA myönsi 747-100:lle luvan matkustajalentoihin 31. joulukuuta 1969
  4. Title: Boeing 747-100/200 The Boeing 747 first flew in 1969, was the first wide-bodied airliner which brought affordable international air travel to the general public, and became one of the most recognisable shapes in the sky with its distinctive hump. The aircraft originated with the USAF contest for the large transport aircraft which became the C-5 Galaxy. When Boeing lost that contest to.
  5. Boeing 747-100/200 in 1:400 Scale. Naturally as you'd expect the 747-100/200 has seen a lot of attention in 1/400 attracting a wide range of manufacturers and moulds. Unfortunately a lot of this attention was at the dawn of 1/400 manufacturing and the level of mould sharing has been huge as moulds have been passed down through various brands
  6. Project: Boeing 747-100 (50th anniversary edition) More about Boeing 747 The Boeing 747 -page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this aircraft

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BOEING 747 Jet Aircraft For Sale 1 - 3 of 3 Listings. High/Low/Average 1 - 3 of 3 Listings. Sort By:. The Boeing 747 classic series which encompasses the Boeing 747 100, 747 200, 747 300, 747 400 and 747-SP, was produced over a period of 37 years.Below we look at the launch customers of each of these variants as well as some other facts and figures FSX/P3D - POSKY Boeing 747-100 v4 Native Conversion Base Package. The Project Opensky Boeing 747V4 Classic Series Native Conversion for FSX/P3D is a new conversion of the old top-hit freeware add-on aircraft series that is known to the Flight Simulation Community since FS2002, FS2004, and onwards to FSX and has been loved by thousands of Flight-simmers across the world because of its simple.

The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. Boeing 747-100SR Super Airbus.jpg 550 × 430; 53 KB FlyingPete Icons-Boeing747-100.svg 320 × 320; 1 K ^ Boeing 747-100/200/300 Technical Specifications (頁面存檔備份,存於網際網路檔案館), The Boeing Company. Retrieved: 2007年12月13日. ^ Boeing 747-8 Technical Specifications (頁面存檔備份,存於網際網路檔案館), The Boeing Company. Retrieved: 2007年12月13日 Description. Comments (3) Reviews (0) Simple 3D airplane model, based on Boeing 747-100. Giving away, free for use. Unwrapped UVs. 120k polygons. boeing. 747

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The Boeing 747-100 was the first production version of the epochal large-body aircraft, entering into airline service in 1970. It's iconic bulging forward fuselage contained a unique innovation in modern jet travel, a two level first-class cabin and flight deck Video The oldest Boeing 747 capable of flight has been shelved.. The 747-100 was the 25th to roll off the production line and entered service in 1970 with long-defunct Pan American Airlines, which flew it more than 18,000 times before selling it to GE Aviation in 1991 BOEING 747 DAY, as declared by the mayor of Everett, WA! Happy 50th anniversary to the Queen of the Skies, the most iconic airplane in history! 50 years ago today, the first flight (RA-001) of the 747 prototype took to the skies of Washington state. #whyilovethe747 ️LAX 4.30.17 ️KLM 747-406 ️PH-BFS#spotterstevemsp ️ #pilotlife #. The Boeing 747 has been a gamechanging aircraft in so many ways. Despite being built many decades ago, it has kept up with the times and shaped modern aviation. One unique feature of the Boeing 747 is its ability to fly with five engines Boeing Airigami X by RobertCojan (MD) 1972 c/s Boeing 747-100. The KC-747 Testbed used on original 747-100 , however Us Air Force didn't want the KC-747 , they bought KC-10 instead soo the Iran Air Force becomes the single operator of the KC-747

747-100 Jumbo Jet is built near to scale within actual general dimensions and is fully textured. This model includes many animateable features including flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder, landing gear, landing gear doors and turbines. It is provided in many different formats and airline liveries. The Boeing 747-100 was the first jumbo jet capable of carrying almost 500 passengers Boeing 747 SCA (ang. Shuttle Carrier Aircraft) - wersja wykorzystywana przez NASA do przenoszenia promów kosmicznych z miejsca lądowania (np. z bazy lotniczej Edwards w Kalifornii) z powrotem do Centrum Lotów Kosmiczych im. Kennedy'ego na Florydzie.Są to dwie zmodyfikowane maszyny - 747-100 oraz 747-100SR. Od zwykłych 747-100 różni je to, że zawierają mocowania dla orbitera (jedno. Boeing Blank c/s Boeing 747-100 Airigami Original: Boeing Blank c/s Boeing 747-400 Airigami Original: Boeing Blank c/s Boeing 747-8 Airigami Original : Airigami 8G Models. Note that some models may be co-mingled with other aircraft types: Sort by. British Airways Airigami 8G: 8GBAW20H25 2001 c/s.

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Boeing 747-100 Den første model, første fly blev rullet ud i 1969. 250 leveret. Boeing 747-100B Større lasteevne, 9 leveret. Boeing 747-200 Større maksimal startvægt, kraftigere motorer og større rækkevidde. Boeing 747-200F Fragtudgave. Boeing 747-200SR Short Range, udviklet til et højt antal operationer over kort tid, forstærket. Boeing 747-100 United AirLines Old File. This is Old Levery Of United Airlines Boeing 747-100. DFF- Original Dff file by SkylineGTRfreak,Project Open Sky, Olenka & Microsoft Games FXT. TXD- Original Files by Real owners and modified by Riba. Credits:Rib Boeing 747—400 на 25% ощадніше і у два рази тихіше за 747—100. Розроблені варіанти 747—400М, 747-400F, 747-400SF. Спеціально розроблений для внутрішніх ліній Японії 747-400D до 2005 року утримував рекорд. The 747-100 was first flown in 1969, revolutionising domestic air travel, and the -200 variant followed in 1970 with a range of more powerful engine types and increased fuel capacity, providing an intercontinental range A Boeing 747-100 modellje. A Boeing 747 valószínűleg a világ leghíresebb személyszállító repülőgépe és az interkontinentális légiforgalom kiválósága. A legendás Jumbo Jet első járata 1969. február 9-én szállt fel. Alapvető színek, ragasztó, ecset és poszter

Boeing 747-200 cutawey. The Boeing 747 is a lairge, wide-bouk (twa-aisle) airliner wi fower weeng-mounted engines. Its weengs hae a heich sweep angle o 37.5 degrees for a fest, efficient cruise o Mach 0.84 tae 0.88, dependin on the variant. The sweep an aw reduces the weengspan, allouin the 747 tae uise existin hangars JAL (日本航空)の退役 ボーイング747-100 18機を紹介しています。FlyTeam(フライチーム)は、航空ファン・飛行機利用者のためのサイトです Read user reviews for Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 (744) Layout 1. Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/09/03 for Seat 31A . Seat 31A is quite cramped as the side wall lining is quite massive in the emergency door surround. While seats 31 B and C have normal recline (just a curtain behind) Seat 31A has limited recline, due to the attachment of the. Boeing 747 - pirmasis plataus fiuzeliažo, dvigubo denio reaktyvinis keleivinis lėktuvas.Pirmą komercinį skrydį atliko 1970 m. ir 37 metus iki pat Airbus A380-800 sukūrimo buvo didžiausias keleivinis lėktuvas.. Boeing 747 turi keturis variklius, dalis lėktuvo yra dvigubo denio. Tipinės trijų klasių (pirmos, verslo ir ekonominės) konfigūracijos lėktuvas gali gabenti 416.

Boeing 747-100 был первой моделью из серии «747» и вскоре после своего появления получил прозвище Jumbo.Всего в разных подвариантах было построено 250 самолётов этой модификации, из них 167 самолётов представляли собой базовый. Eladó 1:200 hogan boeing 747-400erf - (meghosszabbítva: 3068910599) - Vásárolj egyszerűen és biztonságosan, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet Boeing 747-400 là thế hệ thứ tư của dòng Series Boeing 747 ,thân rộng,bốn động cơ,hai lối đi đầu tiên trên thế giới do Boeing phát triển và sản xuất hoàn thiện với nhiều đơn đặt hàng lớn nhất trên thế giới.. Biến thể 747-400. Boeing 747-400 của hãng Singapore Airlines. 747-400F. Cargolux 747-400 Project Open Sky Boeing 747-100 / -200 / -300 / -400 series update. Updates the POSKY B747 specifically for FS2004 and adds FS2004 features like fuel and payload editor. Includes new manual (PDF format). By Warren C. Daniel. Project Open Sky logo. Project Open Sky is not responsible for problems with your computer that result from installation of these Flight Dynamic Engines. Project Open Sky.

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  1. Download free Boeing 747 100 for X Plane 11. Here you can see some pictures of the plane. The download link is at the bottom. CLICK HERE: DOWNLOAD LINK. Publicar un comentario
  2. Boeing 747 este un avion american de pasageri cvadrimotor lung și foarte lung curier, de mare și foarte mare capacitate produs de firma Boeing.Este un avion cu două culoare (de diametru mare, sau wide body). Timp de 35 de ani (1970-2005) a deținut recordul de cel mai mare avion de pasageri din lume, record doborât de Airbus A380.Din cauza mărimii, a fost poreclit și Jumbo Jet
  3. Boeing 737-900ER Boeing 747-100 Boeing 747-100F Boeing 747-200 Boeing 747-200B Boeing 747-200F Boeing 747-200M Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-400BCF Boeing 747-400D Boeing 747-400ERF Boeing 747-400F Boeing 747-400LCF Boeing 747-400M Boeing 747-800I Boeing 747-800F Boeing 757-200 Boeing 757-200F Boeing 767-20
  4. Boeing 747-100 Â Boeing developed the 747 both as a passenger and as an air-freighter (cargo model). Pan American ordered 23 airliners of the new type 747 and two freight versions 747F in April 1966. A real prototype of the Boeing 747 has never been built, so the first flight took place using a production aircraft on February 9th, 1969
  5. Boeing 747, biệt danh Jumbo Jet hay nữ hoàng bầu trời Queens of the Skies, là một trong những loại máy bay dễ nhận biết nhất trên toàn thế giới. Nó là máy bay thân rộng, hai tầng, hai lối đi đầu tiên trên thế giới, và là máy bay phản lực dân dụng thương mại cỡ lớn thân rộng hai lối đi đầu tiên trên thế giới.

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Boeing 747, često zvan Jumbo Jet, je četveromotorni širokotrupni linijski putnički zrakoplov.Jedan je od najvećih komercijalnih putničkih zrakoplova trenutačno u upotrebi. Dulje od tri desetljeća bio je najveći putnički zrakoplov u upotrebi, sve do uvođenja Airbus A380 u redovni promet 25. listopada 2007.. Četveromotorni 747, proizvod tvrtke Boeing, ima dvokatnu putničku kabinu u. Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA Boeing 747-100. It's time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I bring you a Trans World Airlines Boeing 747-100 from the early 1980s. Divided into three cabins, this workhorse of TWA's international operations seated 21 passengers in First Class, 52 in Ambassador Class (Business) and 359 in coach

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IranAir (Tehran) has retired the last operating passenger Boeing 747-100 in the world. Boeing 747-186B EP-IAM (msn 21759) was ferried yesterday (January 8) from Mehrabad Airport (THR) in downtown Tehran (used for domestic flights) to nearby Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) southwest of Tehran (used for international flights) for storage in the cargo area Boeing 747-100/200 in 1:400 Scale. Naturally as you'd expect the 747-100/200 has seen a lot of attention in 1/400 attracting a wide range of manufacturers and moulds. Unfortunately a lot of this attention was at the dawn of 1/400 manufacturing and the level of mould sharing has been huge as moulds have been passed down through various brands 747-100. First production model; 176 built (including -100B) 747-100B. Improved 747-100 with strengthened structure and landing gear. 747SP. Special Performance version based on the 747-100B but featuring a much shorter fuselage and larger tail unit and with a maximum capacity of 440 passengers; 45 built. 747SR The 737-100 and the 737-200 are members of the original 737 Family

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'Clipper Spark of the Ocean' This Boeing 747-121A took its first flight on December 22, 1969...(c/n 19642/ 10) 09/01/1970 Pan Am N735PA named 'Clipper Young America' 26/11/1970 Eastern Airlines N735PA 30/04/1972 Pan Am N735PA converted 747-121F - named 'Clipper Spark of the Ocean' 12/11/1992 Air Hong Kong VR-HKB 14/05/1993 Polar Air Cargo N735PA 01/10/1993 Polar Air Cargo N735SJ 17/03/1995. FSX NASA Boeing 747-100SCA Space Shuttle carrier plus Discovery. By Project Open Sky. Type. Complete with Base Model. Download hits. 3,707. Compatibility. Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) Filename Boeing 747-8. Sitzpläne Boeing B747-8. Beispieldarstellung B747-8 (8 First / 80 Business / 32 Premium Economy / 244 Economy) Hauptdeck. Oberdeck. Sitzpläne der Boeing B747-8 zum Download. PDF Download Sitzplan B747-8 Hauptdeck und Oberdeck (8F / 80C / 32E / 244M

Boeing 747-100 Pictures. Photos. Framable Color Prints and Posters. Digital Sharp Images. Aviation Gifts. Slide Shows This set of liveries for SkylineGTRFreak's 747-100 Mod has been a long time in the making. I'm sorry it took so long for me to finally release it! This pack includes nine new liveries for Skyline's 747-100, and are as follows: - Qantas - Trans World Airlines (Final Livery), made by DanielSim on GTAInside - Air India 'Emperor Kanishka', made by Riba on GTAInside - Eastern Airlines - United. The Museum's aircraft was the first 747 ever built, known as RA001. After 747 certification testing, the aircraft served for many years as a company testbed for technology development and new engine programs for other Boeing commercial jets, including the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 for the Boeing 777 Boeing 747 8 Specs. Boeing 747 8 Specs, shown below will illustrate how the Boeing 747 8 Freighter and 747 8 Intercontinental are the largest iterations of the classic Boeing 747 model which has ruled the skies for four decades. It is the largest and heaviest aircraft produced in the United States

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The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial jet airliner and cargo aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. Its distinctive hump upper deck along the forward part of the aircraft makes it among the world's most recognizable aircraft,[6] and it was the first wide-body produced Boeing built two versions of the 747-100 passenger airplane, one of which had a higher payload capacity and was known as the -100B. The 747-100 also was available as a short-range airplane, which. Boeing 747-200 Doyusha 1:100. by Hans-Peter Schäfer on IPMS Deutschland. Boeing 747-400 Doyusha 1:100. by Michael Leuchtenberger on Modellversium. News Feed. The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. More about Boeing 747 A Boeing 747-100 in PIA livery. The Boeing 747, sometimes nicknamed the Jumbo Jet, is among the world's most recognizable aircraft, and was the first wide-body commercial airliner ever produced. Manufactured by Boeing's Commercial Airplane unit in the United States,.

Avianca 747-100 Taking off. No freighter version of this model was developed by Boeing. However, 747-100s have been converted to freighters. A total of 250 -100s (all versions, including the 747SP) were produced; the last one was delivered in 1986. Of these, 167 were 747-100, 45 were SP, 29 were SR and 9 were 100B Boeing has a deal for you: the 747 Stretched Upper Deck (SUD). Well, I guess Boeing had a deal for you, since they aren't in the business of doing this anymore. The SUD gave airlines operating older -100 and -200 747 models, the ability to stretch the upper deck and increase the number of passengers flown Boeing 747-8 é uma aeronave widebody quadrimotor desenvolvida pela Boeing.Anunciado oficialmente em 2005, o 747-8 é a terceira geração de Boeing 747, com fuselagem alongada, asas redesenhadas e melhor eficiência.O 747-8 é a maior versão do Boeing 747, maior avião comercial construído nos Estados Unidos, e o avião comercial mais longo do mundo, juntamente com o Airbus A340-600 Delta Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet model airplane kit in original shrink wrapped box, scale 1:156. Holds ready to assemble plastic model parts, decals and assembly instructions. Box lid features Delta Boeing 747-100 in flight against background of black and pink clouds Model replica of the Boeing 747-100. The Boeing 747 is probably the most famous passenger aircraft in the world and became the epitome of intercontinental air travel. The first flight of the legendary jumbo jet took place on February 9, 1969

Boeing 747-100 был первой моделью из серии «747» и вскоре после своего появления получил прозвище Jumbo. Всего в разных подвариантах было построено 250 самолётов этой модификации,. 747-100. Model pertama dari 747 adalah 747-100, diresmikan di Everett pada 2 September 1968. 747-100 mulai beroperasi pada 1 Januari 1970 dengan klien pertama Pan American World Airways. 747-100B kemudian menggantikan 747-100, dengan fuselage yang lebih kokoh dan rangkaian ban yang lebih kuat

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747-100형의 기체구조를 강화해서 성능을 올린 모델로 747 클래식의 표준형 기체로 이 중 일본항공이 도입한 747-200b형중 3대는 기체 중량이 더 무거운 747-300형에 탑재되는 jt9d-7r4g2 엔진을 장착하고, 747-300형에 비교해 가벼운 747-200형의 기체에 747-300형의 엔진을. stretched upper deck, SUD), предлагавшейся по заказу для Boeing 747-200 и ставшей стандартным решением в новой модели. Верхняя палуба стала вдвое длиннее, чем на Boeing 747 первых модификаций (-SP, -100 и -200) Boeing 747-400ER British Airways 3D Model. 3ds Max + c4d ma 3ds fbx obj. $149. $149. max c4d ma 3ds fbx obj. details. close. Boeing 747-100B British Airways 3D Model. 3ds Max + c4d ma 3ds fbx obj Boeing 747 400 Of Thai International Airways Framed Print Wall Art. 3 D Paper 1 48 Boeing 727 200 Delta Airlines B727da. Boeing 747 230 17 Iyulya 2009 Bumazhnye Modeli Paper Models. Models By Marek 1 50 Boeing 747 400 Lufthansa Papermodelers Com. Model Of Airplane And Blank Sheet Of Paper On The Blue And Pink Un Boeing 727-100 del Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano con matrícula CP-861 marcó un récord en la historia de este modelo. Voló desde el día que salió de la fábrica de Everett en 1970, hasta el retiro de la aeronave, para la misma línea aérea en 2007

American Airlines Boeing 747 V2 for FSXIRAN AIRWilliam Boeing and Eddie Hubbard - 100 years of BoeingVintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines Boeing 747Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA Boeing 767-200 from 1987